Build Service/Support

"We get a lot of requests for support in building out a customers MB47 or MB74 receiver.  What I tell folks is we are focused 100% on machining firearm receivers - we just don't have the infrastructure in place to sell built AK rifles or built AK sub assemblies. 

THAT SAID, man I know some really good builders ...  all of the companies listed below have experience building out our AK receivers and I recommend everyone on this list. So if you want someone else to press the barrel, install the bullet guide, headspace the bolt, complete the riveting work, or build out the full rifle (or pistol!), click through the links below, get a few conversations going and figure out which one you want to work with. Hire a professional and you will ensure the investment you made in the receiver is not lost!"  -JSharps

** If you have experience with any of these builders, please leave a review on their listing page here with details about your build. This will help new customers determine who to work with **