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"Back in 2015, at a time when we were only known for our AR receivers, I had designed the MB47 and was ready to produce it, but needed input from people in the business of building AKs to help me make sure we had all the details right.  I reached out to some pillars in the industry and Jim Fuller was one of the few to answer the call. Over the course of a year or so, we spoke frequently and I sent him round after round of samples. Each time with minor tweaks to the receiver, just iterating little bits at a time based on his feedback.  Jim would build the receivers up and then he and his team would put the completed rifles through extreme use scenarios for us - then give us more feedback.  We repeated the cycle dozens of times before we settled on the final design and Jim was ready to say, "This is the best milled receiver in the country right now."  I now have a number of MB47s built by Rifle Dynamics: an SBR, a carbine and a DMR... and they are all extremely well made.  I know everyone on his team personally and I consider them all close friends.  You can't go wrong with these folks in my opinion." - JSharps         

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