AR15 receivers are in very high demand and very hard to find right now. I assure you we are running the machines full time and making weekly shipments to our distribution partners. If there is a particular receiver you are looking for, the best I can suggest is to sign up for the, "notify me when in stock" on Rainier Arms, Brownells, or Palmetto State Armory (or other) websites and then be ready to move quickly when you get the notification.  Inventory is not lasting a day on arrival.  I also suggest keeping an eye on gunbroker.com.  A lot of gun stores put their new-in-box inventoruy up there.

- John Sharps.  Founder, CEO.  Sharps Bros. 


We're happy to answer any questions you might have.  Please use the form below to initiate contact.  

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Reach out and we will get back to you!

- John Sharps