Badlands (Integrated Muzzle Brake & Blast Deflector)

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Badlands.  The first integrated muzzle brake and blast deflector 3D printed as one cohesive part.  Made from high strength 17-4 stainless, heat treated to H900 and then nitrided with a QPQ process for extremely high corrosion resistance.  The combination of the material, the heat treat process and the hard coating enable Badlands to withstand full auto fire.
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The internal muzzle brake helps reduce recoil and muzzle rise by uniformly dissipating gasses through coned ports that counter recoil. Taming the dramatically expanding gasses associated with muzzle blast.   
The integrated blast deflector directs blast concussion where it belongs... down range.  It also provides significant concussion reduction for those on either side of the shooter's firing position.  With no external side vents or ports, Badlands also helps limit the dust & debris signature if you are firing from a prone position.  
The combined muzzle brake and blast deflector has a number of internal flash reduction features as well.  Geometrically complex internal ribbing not possible through traditional machining methods go a long way toward disrupting unspent gunpowder and gasses expelled when the bullet leaves the barrel, thereby reducing the amount of combustion occurring outside the muzzle device.  
Badlands is offered in two models, differentiated only by the direct thread offering.  Choose 1/2"-28 or 5/8"-24.  Either is suitable for calibers ranging from .223 up through .354.  So whether you are shooting .223/5.56, a PCC in 9mm, 300 Blackout, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308, or even 338 Federal, Badlands is going to work for your application.  
1.5" Outside Diameter.  2.75" length.  Weight ~7.1 ounces  
Installation: We recommend 1-2 drops of Rocksett. Rocksett has a very high temperature resistance (up to ~2,000 degrees) but its breakaway torque is relatively low (which is nice if you ever decide you want to remove the device).  It really only takes 1-2 drops so don't go heavy with it. If Rocksett sold small once-time use packets we would have included one with Badlands, but they don't. So, we linked to a bottle of Rocksett you can find at Brownells, which should last you years.  It's a good addition to the work bench if you don't have some already.  
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5 Reviews

James Barber Apr 10th 2024

Badlands muzzle device

I'm so glad I purchased this, it is a amazing. Sharps Bros Badlands muzzle device really deflects the blast and lowers recoil. It's well made and worth the price. I think it's a piece of art . Will be purchasing another one for sure.

John Apr 19th 2023

Badlands blast forwarding

Great performance and noticeable difference at the indoor range, huge difference in regular/subsonic ammo. Decrease in noise while using subsonic. 300blk sub was reduced enough to notice above other shootets. Looks great on the end of a barrel with or without full length Fore grip/rail. Solid one piece fabrication, goes on easily. No hangup with design or functionality. I have three with different optics on all , all are clear/ no infringement in sightlines.

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