Sharps 365X-Improved w/ RMSc Optic Cut & Integrated Comp

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Introducing the Sharps 365X-Improved slide: an improved alternative for the OEM Sig Sauer P365 slide.

With its integrated three port compensator, our slide provides what we consider the ideal length for the P365. The Sharps Bros 365X-Improved slide is about 1/2" longer than the OEM P365/P365X slide and about .15" shorter than the XL or X-Macro length, a perfect balance of form and function.

The Sharps Bros 365X-Improved slide offers a clean, bold design with ergonomic slide serrations, slide porting, and an integrated compensator.     

Our milled optics cut sits just forward of the rear sight, so you can install and remove your optic without disturbing your open rear sight. This design also allows for the installation of suppressor-height sights for co-witnessing. 

Sharps 365X-Improved Features:

  • Made for factory P365X barrel lengths (3.1") and the P365 or P365X recoil spring
  • 416 Stainless material, heat treated and given a black nitride finish
  • Slide length measures at 6.08”
  • Compatible with the Shield RMSc, SIG Romeo Zero, and Holosun HS407K / HS507K optics
  • Slides are stripped (sights and internals to be added by customer)
  • Ergonomic serrations for improved press checks and slide racking
  • Optic cover plate included

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