SBC02. Heatseeker Chassis - Ruger American Short Action

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** This product is both Gen 1 and Gen 2 compatible **

** This offering is for the Ruger American Short Action in .308 based calibers (7.62x51/.308 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, 6.5mm Creedmoor, .260 Remington, .243 Winchester, and others). **

** Ruger S/N's 6901xxxxx and higher.  e.g. 6901xxxxx, 6902xxxxx, 6903xxxxx, ... **

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Heatseeker is an innovative, affordable chassis system for your bolt action rifle, allowing you to easily upgrade a traditional factory rifle stock for improved versatility and a sleek, modern appearance.

This 1lb, 3 ounce chassis is machined from billet (solid block) high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum and includes a 10 ounce, 14" handguard cut from a unique extrusion shape exclusive to Sharps Bros. Both the chassis body and the handguard are finished in a matte black Cerakote. The handguard features MLOK slots on 4 sides for various attachment options (light, bipod, night vision, ARCA rail...) and two quick disconnect fittings per side for sling attachment. 

Add your grip of choice with Heatseeker's standard AR15 grip interface - we're partial to our Brazilian Cherry grip & handguard panel set (as shown in the photos to the left). Heatseeker's built in AR buffer interface allows you to further customize your rifle with your preferred AR15 type stock.  

The Ruger American is a great, low cost, good quality rifle that is phenomenally accurate for their low price point. With Heatseeker you can easily and affordably convert your Ruger American short action into an enhanced magazine fed system.  Heatseeker's sleek contemporary design will completely transform the look of your rifle, with no need to visit a gunsmith: our simplified instructions and functionality makes installation a breeze.  

This Heatseeker model for the Ruger American is compatible with AICS short action magazines from Magpul and Accuracy International.  This Magpul model is recommended.

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1 Review

Scott Conditt Jan 28th 2021

Heatseeker hits the mark....I LOVE IT.

Heatseeker takes the Ruger American platform to the next level...from simple bolt action to BADASS. It came in high-quality packaging, complete with crystal clear directions. Between the pristine and durable coating and friction tight expertly machined tolerance fit between handguard and chassis, you can tell a lot of time and pride went into producing and delivering the Heatseeker - and as the namesake implies, it hits the mark. I'm also extremely impressed with how easy it was to assemble (took me about 15 minutes, only because I have gorilla thumbs) and appreciate all of the tools that were included in the packaging to help make it a breeze. It shoots like a dream and it definitely has all of my range buddies who have stock American Predator rifles in an envious position now. GREAT job.

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