SBKF05. Meanstreak Grill & Steak Knife

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Meanstreak Grill & Steak Knife

S35VN steel. 5.5" blade. Titanium scales.

Stainless jeweled Sharps Bros logo and Torx hardware.  


The Meanstreak steak knife is Sharps Bros’ first fixed blade knife that is meant for the home. Designed as a nimble grill & steak knife, perfect for trimming meats and a wide variety of other food prep functions.  The narrow tip is ideal for maneuvering around bones and between joints.  The wider end makes slicing or trimming vegetables quick and easy.  The blade shape provides for a high level of control.

Keeping true to our credo with exceptional product design and craftsmanship. Meanstreak features a low-profile, sleek design, with a focus on everyday use — bolstered by the very best materials that ensure years of trustworthy performance.

Our blade design is constructed of S35VN stainless steel. S35VN steel is a premium blade material known for its exceptional edge retention, corrosion resistance, and toughness, making it highly sought after in the knife industry for its superior performance and durability. Its combination of high carbon, vanadium, and chromium ensures prolonged sharpness and reliability.

Like the rest of Sharps Bros knives, Meanstreak is fitted with Titanium handles. Titanium offers a blend of lightweight durability and sleek aesthetics. Titanium's inherent strength, corrosion resistance, and style make it a favored choice in our knife designs.  

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