Scrap Jack - Pen & Business Card Holder

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Machine finished.  Laser engraved.  These are VERY Nice.  No visible imperfections.


Every superhero has an origin story - and the revelation that going against the grain isn't always a bad thing.  Here is how Scrap Jack came to be:

As a company the prioritizes exceptional craftsmanship over profits, Sharps Bros., has a zero-tolerance quality management system.  Occasionally we produce a unit that doesn't meet our mile-high standards. When that happens, we usually pull the unit from production, cut it in half and move it to the recycle bin ... but some units go on to serve a higher purpose.  

We hold tolerances as tight as .002” sometimes, which means you may not be able to tell what it was about this part that caused us to cut in half and move it to the recycle bin. The bottom line is it wasn’t destined to become a Sharps Bros lower. Perhaps instead it was always meant to be holding your business cards, pens, or simply displayed on your desk as a flawed yet still striking conversation piece. 


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2 Reviews

Michael Barratt Nov 6th 2022

Question on lowers

Are you going to do them of all of your lowers?

Cody Sep 29th 2022


For scrap this thing is a work of art. Shiney, outstanding engraving. Real eye catcher

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