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Modern Defensive Enhancement, LLC (Est. 2018) is a defensive firearm focused business based out of Bluffton, Indiana. Our mission is to provide quality weaponry to defensive minded individuals. We specialize in AK/Kalashnikov based weapons, and it is of our belief that the AK pattern rifle is the most reliable, simple, efficient design produced. This has been proven by decades of use around the globe. ​ What do you get out of an MDE AK? You get a rifle that has been assembled entirely by one gunsmith, with a very high commitment to quality. What does that mean? That means you will receive a rifle with properly crushed rivets, properly set headspace, proper alignment of barrel components, and a properly tuned gas system. All MDE AK's come with a hand-fitted selector lever, to ensure smooth operation. They also come with a tuned fire control group, and sharp edges are dehorned to ensure you're getting the most user-friendly AK possible. ​ We build our rifles to ensure you're getting the highest quality AK we can provide, that can be passed on for generations.

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