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Build a Custom Varmint Rifle That Squeezes Unheard-Of Performance from Cheap Ammo

We’ll admit this: the 7.62x39 cartridge usually doesn’t invoke thoughts of tack-driving bolt action target rifles. After all, it’s the original round of the AK-47, the Kalashnikov, Cold War icon and a symbol of just about everything firearm traditionalists dislike: a cheap, mass-produced weapon that gets a certain job done but looks like it lost 10 rounds with the ugly stick. But...the folks at Howa have a lot of confidence in how accurate this work-a-day cartridge can be when chambered in a really good bolt action. So they produced the Howa 1500 barreled mini action in 7.62x39 so you can build your own pocket bolt gun and see for yourself.

Howa matches its forged steel Mini Action (MA) receiver with a properly headspaced, hammer-forged target barrel, eliminating the Big Headache involved common to custom rifle builds: installing the barrel. The Mini Action chamber and bolt are nearly an inch shorter than a standard short action, making for an amazingly compact rifle with a super short bolt throw for fast reloads. The diminutive receiver keeps down the rifle’s total weight, too.

  • Squeezes impressive accuracy from the economical 7.62x39 cartridge
  • Trigger pull is adjustable from 2.5 to 3.8 lbs.
  • Comp/brake/flash suppressor-ready 5/8"-24 threaded muzzle with cap
  • Blued finish
  • Internal box magazine with hinged floorplate
  • FFL required for purchase

Inside the Howa 1500 7.62x39 Barreled Mini Action is a one-piece bolt with dual opposed locking lugs and an M16-style extractor and plunger for positive ejection of empty shells every time you work that fast-operating bolt. The two-stage HACT (Howa Actuator Controlled Trigger) gives a smooth, consistent pull to further ensure dead-on accuracy. The 3-position safety, popular with many bolt action shooters, allows the bolt to be totally locked down OR free to be operated so the rifle can be unloaded while still on "safe."

Convinced? We think you’ll find the a rifle built on the Howa 1500 7.62x39mm Barreled Mini Action so much fun to shoot and shoot...and shoot that you’ll be glad AK ammo is plentiful and cheap!

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