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Sharps Bros., Exceptional Firearms

Sizes S through 3XL are a 50/50 blend.  They are an athletic cut that uses a combed cotton for a soft feel.  

How to Purchase:

  1. Buy from your local gun store:  Just about every gun store in the US has an account with RSR Group (rsrgroup.com).  RSR is a major distributor of our products including our shirts - but they only sell to FFL holders. Ask your local gun store to bring one in for you. You pay the same price and your local store makes a little money too.  
  2. Buy online from another sporting goods retailer: Here is one of my favorites: Mazamas Sporting Goods. They buy directly from RSR Group and they sell our shirts online as a result.  Here is the link (click here).  
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1 Review

Quinn Draz Oct 2nd 2018

I am slightly confused why I am writing a review for a shirt but oh well.

It’s a shirt. Has quality arm holes. Nice and soft on my body, fits my man handles, and they even have fat boy friendly sizes. Up to tripple extra lovely. Would buy again. Designs are baller, but maybe thats the reason I have all the other shirts as well.

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